We specialize in corporate events and trade shows.

If you want a presentation for your guests.. Hire us!

We just don't wheel in a photo booth...we give you and your guests a very memorable night!

We have the experience in corporate events. Just look at the photos... you will agree!

Our 46 inch TV Monitors capture all the fun and excitement inside the photo booths. The guests have so much fun watching their friends inside the photo booth while standing in line on the red carpet runway. It's a blast!!

Here are the amenities we can give you and your guests:

  1. Multiple Photo Booths...We can place 1, 2, 3, or 4 photo booth enclosures throughout your event center.
  2. Themed Photo Booth Enclosures...Each "Enclosure Booth" can have the exact same look with any amenities you choose. We can make the photo booth footprint small or large for a amazing presentation! (TV Monitors, Red Carpet Runways, Stanchions with Red Ropes, Lighted Black drops, Any style of CD music to create a fun atmosphere, Props stations...(Hats, Glasses, Props on sticks, Crazy Glasses), Special LED Lighting, etc..., Online photo gallery wear guests can retrieve their photos of the event).
  3. Custom Graphics on photo booth...We can customize the front of the booths with graphics you choose for your event. All booths can looks the same.
  4. Your brand on photo strips...Customized photo strips with your logos and text. The guests leave the event with your brand name on each photo strip.
  5. VIP FRAMES for your guests...The photos strips attach to our VIP Frames for your guests to take home. Nice keepsake!
  6. Photo Booth Attendants are trained to greet the guests and help them with their props and photo sessions.
  7. Crowd Control...Our stanchions with ropes provide crowd control for an organized photo event. The photo sessions go very smoothly with very little waiting for the guests.
  8. Online Photo Gallery...On the back of our VIP Frames are instructions on how to go to our Gallery Page. The guests can go to the gallery page and find their photos. They can either save the photos on their hard drives at home or order any size prints.


Here are some of are corporate event partners: