Photo Booths

Our themed photo booths set us far apart from other companies. The graphics are completely unique and original. These booths really create fun and excitement at any event! We create a PRESENTATION like no other company. You will see nothing like our themed custom booths anywhere.. Just look at the photos, you'll agree!

We have 3 styles of photo booths for you to choose from.

  1. Our Themed 12+ guest photo booth enclosures
  2. Our Hollywood Star Screen "Open Air Photo Booths" with Sequin Backdrops.
  3. Our White Leather Retro Style "Wedding Booth"
1. The Themed "Enclosure" Photo Booths:

These booths have our beautiful themed custom graphics that make them totally unique from any booths you have seen. They are totally original and custom made just for Hollywood Star Photo Booth.

You can choose from 4 different themes:

  1. The Wedding Booth Enclosure
  2. The Party booth Enclosure
  3. The VIP Booth Enclosure
  4. The Hollywood Booth Enclosure
  5. The Hollywood Photo Booth Enclosure


Talk about creating fun and excitement for your event!!!! Then choose our themed photo booth enclosure package!!

We have had 19 guests in this booth. YES 19!! That's the record!! Very roomy and modern. Also, all the props are displayed inside the photo booth for easy access. The guests can change after each photo... YES EACH PHOTO!! It's a BLAST!!!! When the guests are waiting in line they can see all the fun and excitement inside the photo booth by watching our huge TV monitors outside the photo booth. It is so entertaining for your guests! We are the only ones that provides these huge TV monitors. It is all about PRESENTATION!

2. The Retro Style Photo Booth for Weddings:

We have a beautiful retro style photo booth for wedding receptions. It is the White Leather Retro Style "Wedding Booth." This booth is very elegant, modern, and classy.

It holds up to 5 guests. Guests choose color, sepia, black and white, or a mixture of all three. Very nice feature! This package comes with white backdrops that have up lighting. You will love this PRESENTATION!

3. Hollywood Star Screen "Open Air Photo Booth" with Sequin Backdrop

Choose between 5 different sequin backdrops:

  1. Silver Charcoal Sequin Backdrop
  2. Gold Sequin Backdrop
  3. Black Sequin Backdrop
  4. Teal Sequin Backdrop
  5. Ivory Sequin Backdrop

The Open Air Photo Booth "Hollywood Star Screen": It's like a Hollywood Premier!! Your guests walk and stand on red carpet just like a Hollywood Premier. They stand next to a beautiful sequin backdrop for their photo sessions. Very Classy! 12+ guests can pose for a photo on the red carpet! They will feel like a star with this package. Look at the photos!!

4. 12+ Guest Themed Photo Booths:

Take a look at the photos to see all the guests you can place inside the photo booth. These are actual photo booth photos from events we have done. We use Cannon Cameras. Crystal clear photos!!


Red Carpet Runway

Your guests will truly have the "VIP" red carpet treatment. We can place a red carpet runway at your event. The guests will walk down the red carpet to get their photos taken. Classy!


All of your guests' pictures and signatures are captured in a special scrapbook just for you. All scrapbooks are packaged in our beautiful gift boxes. A great keepsake!

Photo Strips

Our photo booths print out two duplicate photo strips.The photo strips have a header and footer to place customized graphics. (Your names, dates, logos, etc...). There are 4 photos on each strip!

TV Monitors

Our TV monitors capture all the fun, excitement, and hilarious action inside the photo booth for your guests to see. We are the only company that uses outside TV monitors on 9 foot truss stands. It is so entertaining for your guests to watch their friends inside the photo booth. You will hear laughter all night long! Your guests will be mesmerized!


These beautiful backdrops set the mood for a classy presentation! Special LED lighting then illuminates the backdrops for a very magical look.

Customized Photo Strips

We customize the header and footer at no charge. You can even email us your designs! The header will have your names, logo, or special text for your event. We can customize the photo strips just the way you would like!

VIP Frames

Your guests will receive our VIP frames that are attached to the photo strips. These frames add so much glitz to your event. We just don't give your guests a photo strip... we present their photo strip on a VIP frame. Great take home presentation! We are the only photo booth company that present frames to the guests!

Stanchions With Red Ropes

We use silver stanchions with red ropes at your event. The stanchions and red ropes have two purposes.. they are great for crowd control and they are very classy and elegant. They add a very classy mood and atmosphere to your event!


We provide a very large assortment of glasses, helmets, hats, and caps at every event. We do not charge for this amenity. Also, we display the props so the guests have easy access and the props are organized.

CD With Guest Photos

We provide you with a CD with all the guests' photos that were taken the night of your event. Nice keepsakes!

Unlimited Photos

When you rent one of our packages, your guests can use the booth unlimited times. As fast as they can get in and out of the booth. Unlimited photo sessions.

Gallery Page

We have a great feature for you and your guests. It is our Gallery Page. You and your guest can go to our gallery page to see the photos that were taken at your event. You can right-click and save any of the photos to your hard drive or order different sized prints. The VIP frames have instructions on how to visit the gallery page. Also, your event is protected by a password.


Our printers print out two duplicate photo strips in 12 seconds after every photo booth session. The printers can print out color and black & white photo strips.

Setup and Tear Down

Setup is very important to our clients. We do not set up when our client's guests are present. We arrive early in the day and set up the photo booth show. It is very unprofessional to set up while guests are present! Our photo booth attendants will pack up the show after the event is over. Set up and tear down is free with every package!

Setup and Tear Down
Handicap Accessible

Our themed photo booth enclosures are handicap accessible.

Photo Booth Attendants

When you rent one of our photo packages you will have a trained photo booth attendant to gree the guests, run the booth, present and give the guests their photo strips on VIP frames, help guests with their props, and create a scrapbook. The photo booth attendants are uniformed.

Custom Graphics For Your Events

For a fee we can design or place any logo, photos, or text on the front of our 12 person enclosures. Make your event stand out with your own graphics and text. Great for wedding receptions and corporate events.

Award Winning Service

We have won The Knots "Best of Weddings" 4 year in a row! We also won the "Hall of Fame" award for superior customer service. No other photo booth company has won this award!